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About Fencing

Fencing consists of three different weapons: epee, saber, and foil. Each weapon has its own unique set of rules.

In most tournaments, fencers compete in pools to determine their bracket placement. Every fencer will fence each competitor in their pool once. In each of these bouts, the first fencer to reach 5 touches wins. Once tournament placements are decided, fencers then compete in a direct elimination bracket. The first fencer to reach 15 touches wins the bout and moves forward in the tournament.

Scroll over the images below to learn more about the rules for each weapon.

When fencing epee, the entire body is the target area, and there is a small button on the end of the blade that helps determine touches. There are no right-of-way rules. 


For saber, touches are scored from the waist up. Points are scored when any portion of the blade makes contact with the target area, done in a slashing motion. Right-of-way rules encourage fast play. 


Like epee, foil touches are scored with a button on the end of the blade. However, touches can only be scored on the chest. Right-of-way rules apply. 

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